“Kids love to be active"

Make moving fun by incorporating sports equipment and introducing FUN games.  Don't spend more than a few minutes on one activity - variety is key for tots and pre-school aged children.

Children in grades 1st -6th will have the opportunity to interact with other kids in the same grade, while playing a variety of sports & movement games/activities; all under the supervision of a certified PE teacher.

Youth and teens ages 10+ will engage in sport specific training; including speed, agility, explosive power, and hand-eye coordination drills carefully chosen to improve performance in their given sport. Quicker, faster, stronger!

Sports-teams (composed of children ages 8-14) will participate in a variety of team-building activities geared toward building team cohesiveness and trust.  They will also engage in several movement activities that will improve their hand/eye coordination, balance, agility and endurance. 

Elementary Sports Camp


Functional Fitness 4 Kids LLC, offers quality movement (sports & fitness) classes and week-long camps for children ages 8+ in Alexandria, Virginia *Now in Harrisburg, PA* and surrounding areas. The activities are carefully chosen to meet the physical, developmental, and emotional needs of each child.  All classes are instructed by highly qualified PE teachers and/or certified youth fitness instructors.  Our classes are well structured and FUN!  

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Sports Conditioning