Fitness Kickboxing 4 Kids and Family bootcamp classes are now being offered in Harrisburg, PA! Look for our page on Facebook to learn more.....

Family Bootcamp & Kickboxing

Summer Sports camp 

         Sports          Team-Building

Description: Elementary aged children will participate in a variety of sports and movement classes, under the instruction of a certified PE teacher.  Age appropriate activities will be chosen and accommodations will be made to meet the individual needs of each child.  Activities will include; basketball, t-ball, soccer, ultimate ball, and other movement based cooperative games.

Designated for children in grades 1-6, which will be split into 3 sections
60 minute session

Sports Conditioning

Description:  Sports-teams (composed of children ages 5-14) will participate in a variety of team-building activities geared toward building team cohesiveness and trust.  They will also engage in several movement activities that will improve their hand/eye coordination, balance, agility and endurance. 


Description: The classes will start with fun warm-up exercises/games, followed by sports drills & skills which are carefully chosen to suit the physical, developmental, and emotional needs of your child. They will engage in high intensity power drills, multidirectional agility drills, speed/quick feet drills and hand eye coordination drills to enhance their sport & performance. 

Great for Sport-teams, youth athletes & families (home-school & virtual)!

Inquire today to find out how to have us teach classes on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or as a special event.

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