Health lesson #1: Learn how GERMS spread (for kids): An interactive presentation which demonstrates how germs are spread and how to properly wash hands, blow nose, cough/sneeze to avoid spreading/catching germs and staying healthy!

Health Lesson #2: Nutrition for kids -  Learn how food choices impact health, activity, brain function and more!  Kids will listen, interact, and complete worksheets about healthy eating and making good food choices.

Brain Matters - workshop for adults about Kids:  This 60-90 minute presentation will help parents, teachers (pre-school through high school), coaches and anyone who interacts with children, understand the differences between teaching boys vs girls, attention spans, the correlation between physical activity and brain power, how sugar effects the brain and how to incorporate brain breaks into the curriculum.

Workshops & Presentations

FF4K's Executive Director, Denise Moser, has over 15 years experience as a local & national presenter.  If you are interested in having her present to your staff, teachers, parents, etc. please contact us so that we can get it on the calendar today!