Find our private group on Facebook by searching for The UNDERGROUND Training Center.  For more info, contact me via email @

Current Training Schedule:  for August 2021

Monday's - *Alternating with Wed's* 7pm Cycle-Box (advanced sign-up, limit 7)

Tuesday's - 6:00 Outdoor Bootcamp (Lingelstown ES blacktop)

Wednesday's - *Alternating with Mon's* 7pm Cycle-Box (advanced sign-up, limit 7)

Thursday's - 6:00p Lifting (outdoor or zoom based on weather) dumbbells required

Friday's - 10:30 Outdoor Bootcamp (7050 Allentown Blvd.)

Sunday's-  10:30 am Kickboxing @ 7050 Allentown Blvd. (not held every Sunday)


Cycle-Box & Kickboxing - 4 classes for $35 or $10 drop-in

Bootcamps - 10 classes for $60 or $8 drop-in

Zoom - $5/class (or 1 punch pass with a rolled-over credit)

First class is FREE!  

 Kickboxing Classes 

*Most* Sunday's ~ 10:30-11:30

(e-mail or comment via FB UNDERGROUND group to reserve your spot each week - limit to 8 due to covid)

7050 Allentown Blvd. Harrisburg, PA


The UNDERGROUND Training Center offers circuit training/bootcamp style classes using battle ropes, heavy bags, TRX, medicine balls, resistance tubes, plyo boxes and MUCH more! Each class is designed to burn the maximal amount of calories while gaining strength and endurance! Stations alternate between cardio and strength training exercises; varying between 30 seconds and 1 minute rounds. The workout is either 30, 45 minutes or 60 minutes in duration.

The underground was created to supplement your favorite class or gym routine, or be your exclusive workout facility by offering a convenient location without commitment, monthly membership fees, and expensive drop in fees .......and of course, provide high quality training in a non-intimidating, fun environment! The best part about small group training is meeting new people, motivating/encouraging each other (especially when doing partner exercises) and some occasional friendly competition.

Options at the UNDERGROUND:

*For those of you who have trained at the underground know that it is a HITT format; 30secs to 5 min of high intensity cardio followed by 3-6 sets of resistance/weighted exercises - performed in a group setting or set up as stations with very minimal rest between sets. Although this is my preferred workout, it may not be for everyone.

Circuit Training Workout: Typically held twice weekly; 45- 60 minutes in duration.  $8-$10 per session based on the number of participants ~  Min 4 & Max 10 participants.

Here are a few more options for training:

Small Group Training: Do you want to workout with your friends on your timeline? Grab 4-6 of your buds and let me know what time you'd like to workout - childcare can be arranged on most days. I will do my best to accommodate the group time as well as the type and intensity of the workout.  $40 per session.

Partner training - partner exercises are a great way to get fit and have fun! $35 per session.

Boxing/Kickboxing - 30 minutes on the bag; nothing else.... Burn a ton of calories and feel empowered!! $8 pp, 4 person max.

One-on-one training -  workouts designed to meet your individual goals. $50/session held at the UNDERGROUND

Sport specific/athletic training - ages 9+
Exercises will be carefully chosen to get you/your kids ready for your/their sport. Increase cardio endurance, jump higher, run faster & get stronger! $10 pp 2-4ppl or $30/private session. 45-60 mins

Fitness Assessments/Body Composition:  Whether you are super-thin, have a few pounds to lose, have more than a few to lose, or are perfectly content with your weight, it is good to find out your body composition. Body composition (using calipers to separate and measure fat tissue from muscle) refers to how much body fat you have as opposed to lean muscle tissue.  Obviously, the more lean tissue you have, the better you're going to feel and look. Fitness assessments also measure circumference, BMI, resting heart rate, active heart rate, recovery heart rate, blood pressure, strength, and endurance.  This is also a great time to set short term health & fitness goals that can be re-assessed in 6-8 weeks.

$20 for an assessment - by appointment only.